DRI is the nationwide premier decking contractor whose focus is simply working on the deck remediation of the Beazer Phenolic Foam Roofing Insulation (PFRI) projects. DRI has been involved with the deck remediation process since the discovery of the PFRI product and the severity of corrosion this product has created. DRI has developed and produced the standard by which the other contractors are trying to duplicate. DRI will guarantee all work to be per the terms and conditions of the Sebago Class Action Settlement. From preconstruction job meetings, to project registration, daily photo documentation, and interior protection, to final close-out. DRI has all aspects of your claim handled. DRI has had great success teaming up with roofing contractors by being able to maximize their production rate and minimize the cost to the owner.


DRI guarantees full compliance to the class action lawsuit. If The Claims Office refuses payment, for any reason, the work is performed at no cost to the owner.

Phenolic Foam Roofing Insulation (PFRI)