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Protect Your Investment - Break the Cycle

Conventional concrete will succumb to water, ice, and chemicals over time and crack. It often cannot handle the stress that comes from moisture and therefore breaks, creating an unattractive and potentially dangerous surface. People far too often make the mistake of re-pouring their concrete or replacing it with something else. One thing is certain: the problem will reoccur. Unlike concrete, brick, or stone, a newly finished CTi Concrete System provides a non-porous and seamless surface that repels moisture and keeps the elements out. It withstands salts, de-icing agents and resists fading.

Concrete Never Looked So Good

Great for these applications:

Driveways, Walkways, Garages, Patios, Steps and Walls, Pool Decks and Interior Flooring.
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You've got concrete inside and outside your home or business. It's on your driveway, your sidewalk, your patio, your garage, your showroom. It's everywhere! Concrete can take on the look of tile, marble, granite, brick or any natural stone with our color-integrated, modified acrylic spray cement system. We offer a wide selection of colors, texture, and patterns that gives your home that unique, custom look. Today, concrete is looked at as more than simply a raw material...it's also decorative. Enhance the beauty of your home and in the process increase your property value.

We work closely with you... Consulting and Designing to YOUR Satisfaction

A concrete designer from our trained and experienced staff will bring samples to your home or business and answer any questions you may have. The award winning Navigator software allows you to view the area before and after the system is installed. We will measure the areas being considered and then provide you with a free estimate and no obligation.

With today's advanced materials, CDRI (Concrete and Deck Restoration Inc) is creating an endless array of beautiful surfaces that are the ultimate in durability and elegance. Old, out-dated, or new surfaces can be effectively and economically transformed to the look of your choice. Our job is to provide customers with new options to achieve the look they desire, do so in a cost-effective manner and achieve the durability and beauty they seek. We offer a look along with a warranty that is unmatched when compared to any other product or service available today. Both inside the home and out, the CDRI Concrete System we have chosen can beautify and protect at twice the strength of concrete. Being more durable than conventional products, just imagine what it can do for both your interior and exterior areas around your home.

Our Mission Statement

We will be a leader in the concrete repair, restoration and beautification business by remaining on the cutting edge of technology and material science. We will use only the finest products and deliver the highest level of workmanship to each and every customer we service.

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